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Cosmetic Dermatology


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Dr. Habiba offers a range of cosmetic procedures aimed primarily at rejuvenating and enhancing skin.

  • Botulinum (Botox) for wrinkles

Botox is an extremely popular wrinkle treatment that's ideal for dynamic wrinkles (wrinkles which form over time from repeated movements, such as smiling or frowning). Derived from Botulinum toxin, Dr. Habiba injects Botox through a very fine needle into a muscle underlying a bothersome wrinkle. This process blocks the nerve impulses that move the muscle, causing it to relax. The result is a smoother wrinkle and a softer-looking appearance. Since only the targeted muscle is affected, surrounding muscles continue to move freely, allowing your facial expressions to be easily shown and avoiding the dreaded "frozen face" look when performed by an experienced dermatologist. Botox is ideal for the upper half of the face, including the areas around the eyes, the upper nose, forehead, cheeks, and jaw.

  • Chemical peels

A chemical peel is a facial treatment that removes the top layer of skin to reveal another fresh layer and promote new skin tissue growth. It is a safe and effective way to attain a clear, softer appearance. Most of Dr. Habiba’s patients remark that after their treatment, they feel as if their skin has a new, natural “glow.” There are different degrees of peels depending on the patient’s cosmetic goals. Chemical peels can improve skin irregularities such as fine wrinkles, acne scars, pigmentation, and rough textures.

  • Microneedling Mesotherapy

Chemical peels
Microneedling Mesotherapy

Instead of relying on topical or oral treatments, Mesotherapy delivers its ingredients directly via injection. The treatment can help mend a variety of skin ailments.

  • Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) for scarring, rejuvenation, and hair loss

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) for scarring, rejuvenation, and hair loss

PRP therapy is a treatment that uses platelet-rich plasma to rejuvenate hair or skin. Platelets are rich in growth factors, which help grow new collagen, skin tissue, and blood vessels. To obtain PRP, Dr. Habiba draws your blood and spins it in a system centrifuge, which separates platelets from the rest of your blood using patented gel technology. The centrifuge not only isolates platelets, it eliminates components that hinder their efficacy, such as inflammatory white and red blood cells. It’s also designed to extract and preserve the highest concentration of platelets possible.

  • Laser hair removal

Laser hair removal

If you’re interested in clearing your skin of unwanted patches of hair, Dr. Habiba have a range of treatment options that give you softer, smoother skin that mere shaving does not provide, including laser hair removal. This procedure is effective for all parts of your body, particularly the legs, arms, hands, underarms, face (eyebrows, lips, chin), ears, neck, chest, stomach, bikini area, and back.

  • Laser skin resurfacing

Laser skin resurfacing

Laser skin resurfacing is a skin rejuvenation procedure that gently removes the top layers of your skin, allowing for the newer, fresher layers underneath to rise to the surface. This stimulates the production of new collagen, which leads to reduced superficial blemishes, diminished wrinkles (such as deep frown lines or laugh lines), smoother skin texture, improved pigmentation, and the reduction of scars from acne or chicken pox.

  • Skincare advice and personalized treatment plans

Skincare advice and personalized treatment plans

Dr. Habiba’s treatment plans are tailored to what you and your skin need the most, in the time you have - simple as that.

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